FVA 12 - Design of a light motor aircraft

In various reports and lectures on the history of the FVA, it has remained unclear to which project the designation FVA-12 was assigned. The author of the commemorative publication “60 Years of FVA” was only able to obtain information about this from various sources on the basis of extensive interviews with people active at the time. It can therefore be assumed with a probability bordering on certainty that the FVA-12 was a design for a light motorized aircraft as part of a diploma thesis. Bruno Sann and Felix Kracht remember very well that the plan to build such a motorized aircraft was discussed in the FVA in 1937/38, but was soon forgotten because of the FVA-13 project, which was pushed through under time pressure. It was not possible to determine who was involved in the construction of the FVA-12. In any case, it was never built. This should put an end to the guesswork about the numbering of the FVA projects at that time.