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Flugwissenschaftliche Vereinigung Aachen (1920) e.V.

Are you interested in designing airplanes and researching concepts, that protect the environment? Would you like to experience the immense energy available in the atmosphere and how it can be used to fly long distances without propulsion? We are an association of students at Aachen University of Applied Sciences and RWTH Aachen University in which you can research projects in the field of aviation. In addition to the research projects, you will learn how the development, construction, certification and maintenance of state-of-the-art composite aircraft work and which techniques and regulations are in place. We also give you the opportunity to get a pilot's license and experience the impact of your own engineering work. We are looking forward to every student who wants to participate in our mission, no matter which course of studies you are and whether you have ever been involved in engineering or not.

Newest articles

CFD Workshop
CFD Workshop

CFD can be a critical tool in the design processes as a proper analysis can improve the efficiency of the entire construction.

Tail Wheel Construction and Control
Tail Wheel Construction and Control

Due to the landing gear arrangement of the FVA 30, a tail wheel is required.

Propeller-Tail Interaction
Propeller-Tail Interaction

After the complete sizing and design of the V-tail of the FVA-30, an important effect affecting the tail was studied again in more detail during the last semester: The interaction of the propeller wake with the flowed-around control surfaces on the empennage and the resulting rudder effectiveness significantly influences the verification of longitudinal and lateral stability both in twin-engine operation and in single-engine operation (one-engine inoperative, one-sided propulsion failure) and thus also affects the design of the empennage.

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