The FVA-27 is a single seated glider in canard configuration with a 15m wingspan.

As its most prominent benefit a canard configuration greatly reduces the hazards caused by stalling the aircraft: if stalled, a canard always tilts forwards and thus immediately regains airspeed.
Additionally, calculations showed an increase in efficiency of over 10% when compared to similar aircrafts. The glide ratio of the FVA-27 is thought to be atop 44. Although modern gliders of equal wingspan exceed its performance and show significantly less drag at high airspeeds, the FVA-27 is still above average.

What has been built so far?

  • Steel cage of the main body
  • Canard
  • Main wing
  • Nose and main landing gear

What is yet to be completed?

  • Interior of the cockpit
  • Controls
Although currently our main focus is on the FVA-29, everyone who is interested in helping complete this prototype is very welcome to join us.