Our Airfield Aachen-Merzbrück EDKA

50°49'38'' N / 06°11'18'' E
A stone's throw from our workshop are 500 m grass, which mean the world to us, in fact the world from above. The airfield Aachen-Merzbrück is our aeronautical home and starting point of circuits, triangles and acrobatic flights. It is also home to the Segelfluggruppe Nordstern and the Luftsportverein Aachen with whom we cooperate in training student pilots of all three clubs. This way our glider pilot community expands to three towing aircrafts, additional gliders and many pilot friends.
This friendly community guarantees different possibilities to organise flight operations. Every weekend where the weather is suitable for flying, flight instructors and towing pilots are on duty at the airfield. Also on weekdays one can use this network to spontaneously arrange flight operations in case of a day with great weather.

How can I get to the airfield?

The first stop in the morning of a flight day is our hangar at the eastern end of the airfield. There are three ways to get there

1. Autonomous: With the bus. Unfortunately the airfield lies in a quite inconvenient spot between Broichweiden and Eschweiler. Line 11 is to be preferred, the closest stop to the airfield is "Vorweiden". After a short walk of about 30 minutes you are at our hangar. Starting from Aachen's inner city, this route will take you about an hour

2. Athletic: With the bike. To really warm up before a long flight day, the athletic FVA member bikes 15 km from Aachen to the airfield. There is an incline on the way going there, called the Kaninsberg. Depending on traffic lights and construction sites it takes about 45 min.

3. As a group: With the car. Gliding is a team sport and this team does not begin and end at the airfield. When flight operations are organised at least several people with cars have to get to the airfield and are happy to pick up other student pilots. Of course a request as early as possible is useful to arrange these pick-ups, but last minute bookings are also possible. Via the motorway it takes just about 15 min.

Flying in Merzbrück

For the more experienced pilots some extra information at this point regarding the flight operations at Aachen-Merzbrück.
The airfield lies 623 ft/ 190 m above MSL and is operating from 9:00 to a maximum of 20:30 or 30 minutes after sunset, whatever is earlier. The tower can be reached as 'Aachen Info' at 122.875 MHz. The picture above shows a view from NO at the runway 08 or respectively 26. In the middle of the runway are one half of the hangars together with the tower, the bureaus of Antenne AC and the company Aeroconcept, with which we are connected by our senior members. On the left end is the second half of the hangars, including the one of FVA, LVA, Nordstern and the motor flight school Westflug.

The primary training area for new student pilots lies south of the airfield just like the circuits. The downwind approach of motor aircrafts lies several hundred meters south of the motorway A3, for gliders its about half the distance from the airfield.