What exactly do we do?

Beside the labour hours together with others there are numerous opportunities to come together. Our weekly meeting for example takes place every thursday. We are meeting in our buero inside of the institute for aerospace engineering of RWTH and discuss the week's progress in our projects and plan the work for the next week. After this formal part we regularly visit the Anvers where we talk with food and drink and chat about all the world and his wife. One can also get to know some senior members who are passing by sometimes.
Every year on the first saturday in december our annual general meeting takes place. On this occasion senior members from all over Germany and the world come together to talk about the current state and development of the association. Afterwards we have our annual St. Nicholas party where we review the last year together with our senior members, as well as our scientific advisory board, friends, supporters and neibour associations in a great atmosphere. In additiion there are several occasions to get to know the members of other Akafliegs like the summer and winter meetings, seminars by and for Akaflieger and of course flight camps!