Our workshop

The workshop is the heart of our association. From building and maintenance of our airplanes to researching and experimenting for new projects - everything that matters happens here. Be it a propeller for the FVA-29, a complete airplane like the FVA-27 or a high-tech carbon board, the workshop sets no limit to creativity. The sanding and spray booth occupies most of the space. Additionally, we have a metal workshop equipped with a turning lathe, mounted drill, welding machine and sanding blocks. Furthermore, we have a large warehouse, separate aerospace parts and textile storage units, specially ventilated room allowing safe handling of chemicals, as well as two ovens for tempering fibre composite plastics. The workshop offers enough room to set up an entire gliding plane which comes in handy for the annual Airworthiness Review certification.


The FVA has, as one of three institutions in North Rhine-Westphalia, the privileges of a certified maintenance workshop, allowing us to perform complex maintenance work on aircrafts. Maintenance work that we commonly perform are paint jobs, repairing cracks and scratches, and of course the annual detailed servicing of our aircraft fleet.


The workshop is located in the industrial district "Broichweiden" near the interchange Aachen and about 1 kilometre away from the airfield Aachen-Merzbrück. You can arrive by car, bike or bus. The ideal bus connection is by bus number 11 to the station 'Sankt Jobs' or number 16 to 'Marshallstraße'. You want to pay us a visit? Please call us beforehand to check whether someone is here.