New in Aachen or have already lived here awhile? Are you enrolled at the RWTH or FH and want to join us? Nothing easier than that!

Becoming a member 101

1How can I contact you?

Show up at our weekly meeting on Thursdays (20 o'clock during the winter semester, 21 o'clock during the summer semester). Here you have the chance to meet us personally. Since at this time the doors of the Faculty for Aviation and Aerospace Engineering are closed, call our office at 0241 - 809 68 24 and we will open for you. If you should have any questions ahead, get hold of one of our board members, they would be more than happy to help.

2Are there any requirements?

We are not an association exclusive for Aviation and Airspace students, our members feature physicists, computer scientists, electrical engineers and so forth. You are welcome even if you study to become teacher or speech therapist. Even if you are totally new to flying and curious about it are you welcome to get a look. Although some previous technical knowledge comes naturally in handy, we do not require any de nite abilities. Our experienced members will teach you anything there is to know. However in order to become a flight student you should have a clean record and as few Flensburg points as possible. Exact requirements and further information about the flight academy can be found here.

3What happens after joining?

If you decide to become a member, you must firstly sign a waiver, which discharges the association from any liability in case of accidents or likewise. Following the hand-in of this documentation are you ocially a candidate. Candidates are all those that are new to the association, meaningly you are preliminary member with no jurisdiction to vote in the association. First after you conduct 300 labour hours are you able to submit your application to becoming an active member. An active member is a full-fledged member, that in contrast to a candidate has the right to vote within the association. You may become an active member as long as you still study and have attained the required number of labour hours. When you complete your education you automatically acquire the status as Senior Man or Lady. Similar to student unions we are dedicated to maintain bonds to previous members, where the Senior Men or Ladies support current active members.

4Do I have to pay for it?

We offer each student the possibility, according to our slogan, to research, build and fly, hereby is the membership free of charge. Costs incurred by aircraft maintenance during and after the flight academy are supported by the association. Some fees apply during flight training and to our umbrella organisation (Aeroclub-NRW).

5Labour hours?

In order to gain flying right (the right to use the association's airplanes) you must carry out 25 labour hours per month. If you do not manage the minimum required hours due to exams or the like, you have the chance to catch up but you are then not allowed to fly. Similarly, you can work up your hours beforehand, meaningly before exams or holidays. In addition, before starting the flight academy you must have worked up at least 100 labour hours, for a flying campus at least 200 hours.

Still in doubt whether this could be something for you? Simply try it out, you have nothing to lose! Please be aware, however, that the FVA is not just your usual gliding club. Being a member means devoting a good chunk of your time to the association and its projects, and often demands plenty of initiative and enthusiasm. But if you are in search of friendly people and wish to join them working on interesting engineering and aviation related projects, you could be just right here!