FVA at the Idaflieg Alpes fligth training

FVA at the Idaflieg Alpes flight training

A drive of about 700 km to southern Germany, snow covered glaciers shining in the distance, ski socks and warm boots. Sounds like the beginning of a ski trip, just instead of ski we carried polished gliders with us!
Three FVAler followed this years call to the mountains for the Idaflieg Alpes flight training at Königsdorf with the Akaflieg München. Besides some last-minute preparations in our workshop, all pilots and the two aircrafts (DG1000 and Std. Libelle) arrived in time for the first flight day in Königsdorf and were equiped with all the essential instruments for flying in the Alpes. Including beside an oxigen system and fluorescent warning foils on the white gliders also an ELT (emergency location transmiter).
Especially for us flat land pilots the Alpes are always a special experience, since even at very high altitude (2000m - 4500m) one is stll quite near to the mountain face. Seven out of eight days offered good weather, a great yield. With very good thermal circumstances flights of over 500 km were possible, passing by the way Austria, Swiss and Italy.

After this week many pilots are excited for Alpes flights and will return surely. This was made possible not least by the organisation of the Akaflieg München. Many thanks to you!