Older Projects

In its history, the FVA has realized numerous aircraft prototypes, but also other projects. The prototypes were planned, built and tested by the FVA Members at that time and also later used in flight club operations. In addition to many successful projects, some of our ideas unfortunately could not be realized for various reasons and therefore disappeared from the scene without further pursuit. But they are also a piece of club history and for this reason are also presented here. Before the war the airplanes FVA-1 to FVA-13 were built. After the war followed FVA-14 up to the current projects. From then on, research was not only done directly on aircraft, but also on rockets, exhaust systems or even rope retraction devices.

A detailed list with a link to the respective projects is given in the following table:

Project-Number Name Development period
FVA 1 Schwatze Düvel 1920
FVA 2 Blaue Maus 1921
FVA 3 Ente 1922/23
FVA 4 Pipö 1923
FVA 5 Rheinland 1923
FVA 6 Motorized aircraft 1926
FVA 7 M Ia 1930
FVA 8 Grunau Baby II 1932
FVA 9 Blaue Maus II 1934
FVA 10a Theodor Bienen 1935
FVA 10b Rheinland 1936
FVA 11 Eifel 1937
FVA 12 Concept of a light, motorized aircraft 1937/38
FVA 13 Olympia-Jolle 1938
FVA 14 Ringflügel 1952
FVA 15 “Blow-through control system” 1952
FVA 16 “Foam wings” 1955
FVA 17 Ho-33 VI as a motorizes aircraft 1954
FVA 18a Primitivkrähe 1959-65
FVA 18b New engine for the FVA 18a 1972/73
FVA 19 Towing aircraft study 1961
FVA 20 Standard-Glider 1967-79
FVA 21 Automazic-Flap for a glider 1972-74
FVA 22 Papierrakete 1970-75
FVA 23 Exhaust system 1976-80
FVA 24 WiMi ab 1985
FVA 25 Ultraleichtes Entenflugzeug 1984-97
FVA 26 not assigned 1984
FVA 27 ultralight canard 1985
FVA 28 Workshop ab 2005
FVA 29 electric sustainer for an ASW 28-18 ab 2010
FVA 30 Vision electric flight Konzeptionierung