Structure Health Monitoring (SHM) of the FVA 29 Mast

Published: 31.08.2018 by Julia Grünewald

For about a year now, the FVA is cooperating with the Institute of structural mechanis and lightweight construction (SLA) at RWTH Aachen University. The idea for this cooperation emerged during a conversation between the FVA board members and Prof. Schröder when he was introduced to the FVA’s scientific advisory board.

The SLA was looking for a partner in their studies of the integration of SHM sensors, in order to test their functionality on real, potentially flying parts. The FVA on their part was open to take part in such a cooperation and the FVA 29 mast with its strikingly similar form to a beam and predictable loads was a fitting object of study.

Last week, we finished the second “SLA mast” which is structurally identical to the actual FVA 29 mast but with four Piezo-sensors glued into each half shell. We are looking forward to the results of the tests and are proud of taking part in developing new technologies for monitoring fiber-reinforced parts.

Handing over the 2nd SLA mast

SHM sensors in the half shells

Further information about the field of “Structural durability and SHM” and related projects of the Institute for structural mechanics and lightweight construction can be found by clicking on the Link.